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Utility owned equipment often needs to be moved to perhaps facilitate the construction of a new building, a new roadway or perhaps an extension to an existing building.

One of the LV (Low Voltage) overhead lines we worked on moving.

One of the key issues here is that it takes time, it is not uncommon for a complete project to be held up simply because arrangements had not been made in advance to accommodate a move of utility equipment.

It is also common for people to be charged large sums for such alterations and as such, any saving here goes straight on the bottom line.

With an array of knowledge in this area, after a site visit we are often able to not only provide helpful (and cost saving) advise, we can also manage the process for you.

In many respects, the process will be similar to that of New Supplies but, starting off with the right information at an early stage is often critical to how much you pay for the works, when the works are carried out and the impact of this on your proposals.

Charges for this type of work tend to be project specific (because of the many variables) and as such we recommend at least to allow us sight of plans showing proposals and from this point we will suggest the best way forward which is often a site visit. It is only when we reach this stage that any charges are incurred and only after your written agreement.

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