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The installation of services into new builds (and conversions) is a necessary evil and a source of many a headache.

The route that all the utilities for one development had to take.

The service we provide is normally tailored to what you want but normally includes:
  • Visit site with Customer to survey requirements and discuss issues.
  • Arranging disconnection of any existing utilities on site.
  • Completion of application forms and submission to utilities including third party service providers if these may offer cost savings.
  • Liaison with utility company to ensure timely delivery of quotes.
  • Once quotes received, checking to ensure they are at best price before passing on to the Customer for approval.
  • Formal acceptance of utility offers including processing paperwork associated paperwork.
  • Appointment of suppliers (and meter operators if required).
  • Arrangement of site works including liaison with site staff as required.
  • Arrangement of meter installations.
  • Ensuring utility accounts (when set up) are correct.
  • Provision of handover data for Customers.
The provision of this service can be via a fixed price agreed up front or via monthly invoices to cover time taken with most Clients opting for a base charge followed by an incremental charge for extra services.

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