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If you have ever had to do any work in relation to utilities, you will know it can be a real headache. To move a simple meter position will involve a bucket load of jargon together with a barrow full of procedures to comply with and then at the end (after you have paid), they donít turn up!

Competition has done little to help and often you, the Customer is left to wander through a collection of minefields on your own.

View of house being developed
Evening view of unsightly overhead lines In short, utilities very rarely exercise Customer Services irrespective as to what they say.

Utility Customer Service Management Ltd. commenced operations in 2005 with the view to addressing this very issue.

In short, we work for you, the Customer, when handling utility companies. With over 35 years experience with UK utilities and helping Customers just like you, we operate to ensure you get the service, as a Customer you deserve. Please feel free to contact us with your queries, the variety of which expands daily.

The web pages show in more detail the service offered and the important aspects of what UCSM do.

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