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This is a kind of no win no fee proposal.

No Win No Fee

In essence, we review a scheme for utilities which you have had completed in last two years or are in the process of doing or even if you have only just received a quote for and present you with some proposals. These proposals will be along the lines of, “we will review the scheme and subject to achieving a saving will charge X% of the savings”.
Once the proposals are accepted, we will then work on them, keeping you up to date about what we are doing and (in most cases), return a saving for you either via a refund from the utility company or via a cheaper quote.
It really is as simple as that.
The scheme doesn’t need to be a new one, it could be one which was completed up to two years ago!
Here is the process in a different format:

  • You send us details of a scheme, normally the formal offer letter and plans (don’t forget, this could be a scheme which has not yet started or even one which was completed two years ago and you feel you where charged too much). It is not a big problem if you haven’t got this offer letter to hand as we can normally get a copy for you.
  • Let us know what your thoughts are on the scheme indicating areas where you have concern but also letting us know what went wrong if it is a completed scheme.
  • We would have a look at the scheme, may even visit site and discuss with you your expectations. At this stage, if we feel we are unable to make any savings we will tell you, so as to save your time and ours.
    We normally come back to you within 24 hours but at times this can stretch out to a week but remember, there is no charge for this so you are not losing anything!
  • Once we have given you a view we will then indicate what charge we would be looking to make should we be able to recover any costs for you. This charge is based upon the amount of work involved in recovering any costs so, at this stage you will be aware of your maximum charge and this is only applicable if we make some savings for you. Typically, this charge is between 10% and 40%.
  • We then progress the scheme to recover the charge or obtain a cheaper quote depending upon what stage the scheme has got to and each week, we will send you a written update on progress made.
  • If it’s a recovery of charges, once obtained these will be refunded to you at the same time as we invoice you are charges so you are never out of pocket. If it is obtaining a cheaper quote, our invoice will not be issued until you have the cheaper quote in your hands.
Once you have the cheaper quote or the refund, our work is complete although, with a scheme which is not yet complete, we will often leave you with a couple of pointers to look out for to ensure the costs are kept under control.

Sounds great!

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