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How much does UCSM Ltd. charge?
Our charges vary depending on the scheme and work required but we can say that for every scheme, the charge is detailed and agreed prior to any charges being incurred.
For a standard New Service scheme (up to 10 plots) we have an introductory charge of £350 plus VAT. The charge increases based on the amount of work that is required i.e. number of utilities, number of plots etc.
We also offer a fixed charge for a short (one hour) consultation.

I would like someone to get all the quotes in for the utilities but thatís all I need, can you do this for me?
Yes, this is one of the most popular services we provide. If the development is larger we normally go to other service providers to see if they can do it cheaper.

Getting this moved may seem easy - until you try!

I need some advice on the best way of going about having some equipment moved, can you help?
Yes, please feel free to drop us a line and we can chat about the potential problems and possible solutions. If you want us to visit site after this then we would then have to start charging but we would detail this during our discussion.

I have a plot of land and my builder will do all the building work, can you handle all the utilities?
Yes, including managing the actual on site works if you wish. In these schemes we often try to meet the builder on site to ensure the process runs smoothly.

I have an overhead line crossing a plot and would like to have it removed, I have had a quote from the electricity board but the price is very high can you help?
Yes, we can carry out an investigation to see if you can have the line either moved or placed underground at a lesser price or in some cases free of charge. In the future (following discussions we have had with Ofgem) we are hopeful that we will be able to approach other contractors to do this work for you which may be a cheaper alternative than the local electricity board.

My builder says he can arrange for the utilities, why should I use UCSM Ltd?
Please feel free to use your own builder if you so wish (many of them use us anyway). What you may find though is that your builder spends a lot of his time chasing for a response from the utilities and whilst he is doing this, he is not building! The benefit of using UCSM Ltd. is that we know the business, chase utilities for progress on your behave and let you have a regular written update on progress.

Potential for development but what about the utilities?

We think we may have been overcharged for some work one of the utilities did for us last year, can you help?
Yes, we often take on issues like this on a no win no fee basis (see the scheme review page), this way we take the hassle away from you and if we donít achieve a result, you donít have to pay. The one condition that is placed on this is that we review the case initially (free of charge) and at this point advise if we feel we are able to help.

Are you able to obtain a faster service from the utilities than if we go to them directly?
No, we are not able to guarantee any improved service because we go directly to them just the same as someone else would. We have found however that it is not uncommon for a utility not to respond until chased by the Customer, we do this for you. We have also found that presenting the information to the utilities in a given format helps the process.
We have not carried out a detailed survey to determine if we obtain faster service than someone going to the utility directly but we do suspect that the continual chasing helps.

I have a three phase supply, can you carry out a load check on three phase supplies?
Yes, the monitoring equipment will measure the current in each phase so it will also tell you if the phases are reasonably balanced too.

Typical output of a load check (Three phase).

I had a load check carried out last year, is there any point in having it done again?
Provided little has changed no, however, if you have perhaps added new machinery or opened new offices then it may be worth doing a further load check.

I am often asked what the maximum demand (electrical) of the site is, how can I find this out?
One way is to look at your electricity bills as you could be on a contract which charges you based on maximum demand. If this isn't the case then doing a load check over a period of time will show you what your maximum demand is and when it occurs.This information can often be very useful in reducing the size of your electricity bills as a single high demand in a billing period could result in bills much higher then they need to be.

Metering, sometimes the hardest part of a project!

I find the appointment of suppliers and getting metering installed a real pain, can you help?
Yes, we include this in our service so in effect we appoint the supplier for you and arrange the metering to be installed as and when required.

We have bought an old property and want to have the utilities removed, can you help?
Yes, we can do this for you including closing existing accounts. We also take a proactive approach in ensuring consideration is given to the future use of your plot to ensure the cost for possible future reconnection of utilities kept to a minimum.

Any other question?
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